One of my most enduring childhood memories was going to cultural events and being given Doritos and Oreos as a snack. I would then run around a gym with other trans fat powered seven year olds playing chaotic iterations of tag. Preparing for and taking my first medical school exam was a weirdly similar experience, […]

Orientation Week

The weeks leading up to orientation and the beginning of medical school were filled with fear, anxiety, excitement, and most importantly, a lot of unanswered questions about what exactly I had signed up for. Was the old adage, “Medical school is like drinking from a fire hydrant” really true? Was everyone going to be extraordinarily […]

Non Est Vivere

If you were a child in the last half-century or so, you’ve probably heard of the Giving Tree. In it, a tree systematically gives up all that it can to a boy, until it can give nothing more and offers itself as a place to sit and be content—in their lives, few people could ever […]

Out of the Abyss

They said it was going to get worse before it got better.  That cliché never seemed to do the second year of medical school justice.  Never have I experienced such a confusing mix of being fascinated and frightened all at once.  Let me clarify that I am not necessarily frightened by the material I am […]

“Um, Don’t Google That…”

Being in Medical school is a lot like planning the best surprise party ever. You find the knowledge you’ve been entrusted with unbearably exciting but you just can’t tell anyone, or you risk ruining their dinner that evening. Sure, when you’re covering the musculature of the back or the pleural cavity you can have a […]

The end of GI: An (inter)active learning experience

The MD2s spent the past four weeks poring over the gastrointestinal system, and examining all that can wrong from your mouth to your anus. During this time, I developed a newfound appreciation for my liver. Studying the parasites that can invade your insides was like being reacquainted with some old friends from my life in […]

Our First Day

Since I was a kid, I’ve been able to sleep through just about anything: Hurricane Sandy, ambulance sirens, biochemistry classes, you name it. This morning, I couldn’t sleep. Even though our class was being serenaded with the sweet, somniferous pathways of enzymes and porphyrin synthesis, we sat leaning over backlit screens or printed-out-lecture-slides and jotting […]

The White Coat Shuffle

 The Commonwealth Medical College’s White Coat Ceremony is much like any other medical school’s: MD-1’s parade into a packed auditorium to elegant baroque music, mothers cry, fathers grin with pride, and professors give compelling addresses to the fledgling students. Then, when all the proscribed pomp and circumstance has been carefully observed, each student parades across […]

New Beginnings

Every summer, matriculating MD-1’s find themselves facing a dreaded two-and-a-half months of self-interrogation. Questions such as, “Should I spend my time re-learning the Krebs Cycle or watch every Disney movie ever released on Netflix? Will this desk chair have enough ergonomic support, or will I find myself talking to gargoyles and ringing bells in a […]